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Kara Matthias

Kara Matthias is an accomplished singer and pianist who began both journeys at a young age. With musical career aspirations, she grew up helping arrange, record and publish multiple CD's as part of a duo, The Matthias Sisters. She went on to receive her undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance and Communicative Disorders. After participating in multiple Honors Recitals, Honors Choirs and musicals, she developed a passion for Celtic music and the Irish language. That passion brought her to Ireland last August with the desire to delve deeper into the language, the history, and ultimately connect with Ireland's stories through song. In September 2016, she will have finished her Masters in Irish Traditional Music Performance through the Academy of Irish Music and Dance. Her singing style and career now beautifully encompass the contrasting styles of both classical and traditional music.  


"Songs are given to you...they're a gift. And with that singers become storytellers. We're the empaths who help the audience feel emotion and we're keepers of stories, helping people live on. I truly believe that music can heal. Music has a sense of magic to it that I've uncovered since being in Ireland and it has power."


In her free time, she love to read, paint, bake, blow glass, get coffee and watch old movies with a girlfriend. She believes her year in Ireland has been a wonderful year of self discovery and experimentation. She hopes to keep exploring her musical boundaries and looks forward to what God has in store for her voice in the years to come.


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