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Maren Matthias

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I'm 24 and have a degree in Musical Theatre Performance from Columbia College Chicago. I also had a strong focus in the Stage Combat program where I was a teaching assistant, became certified in eight weapons, and used the office as a second home - oftentimes staying until the building closed. Performing is in my blood and I'm so blessed to have someone to share it with!

I write fantasy fiction and am an avid journaler. When I have a piece of inspiration I would like to share with the world, I write on a personal blog, which can be found by clicking the bubble below!

I'm currently living in Chicago with my best friend and roommate of six years. I pay rent through a myriad of jobs such as housekeeping, hostessing, cat-sitting, what have you, while making time for my writing, music, swordfighting, and all that jazz.

Each and every day brings something new, and it really is quite the time to be alive.

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